Founded in 1978, with a covered area of 5000 m2 and more than 40 collaborators, Fajota dedicates itself to the production and commercialization of components for the cold industry.

Throughout the years, Fajota has acquired vast experience leading to the development of a large range of products for the industry of commercial, industrial and domestic cold. Fajota's mission is to meet its customer requirements by providing products that meet or even exceed their needs. Included in a market in constant evolution, Fajota relies on a versatile and flexible production that allows the meeting of the needs and expectations of its customers. The concern with the permanent domain of technological evolution, layout, procedures and adjusted production equipment, give Fajota competitive advantages aimed to strengthen the company as a leader in this market sector. Today, it’s possible to find our products in many countries such as Spain, France, Angola, Egypt, Italy, Morocco, Algeria, and Lebanon among many others

Set in a constantly evolving market, and based on a solid and dynamic organization, FAJOTA has a versatile and flexible production that allows the company to respond and adapt itself to the expectations of its customers. Owning a set of over 100 machines and production equipment’s, Fajota is able to work diverse types of materials and processes for the industry. In addition to the standard range containing over 2000 references, Fajota produces innumerous products designed specifically for its customers.

Fajota's mission is to respond to the needs of its customers, providing products that meet their requirements, betting on a cohesive, competent and motivated work team.

Quality Policy

1. Achieve customer satisfaction through compliance with contractual clauses as well as legal requirements.
2. Partnership with suppliers maintaining permanent and bilateral communication channels.
3. Involvement of internal collaborators in all processes, through the development of their skills.
4. Meet the requirements of the Quality Management System and ensure continuous improvement.

To carry out a sustainable development of the company, in order to maintain its financial health.

To develop and manufacture higher quality products with competitive prices for the fulfilment of our customers needs.

To achieve the satisfaction of our customers, trying to surpass their expectations.

Partnerships with suppliers, maintaining a close relationship and considering them our allies in order to guarantee the quality of raw materials.

Provide a working environment that encourages creativeness and innovative performance.

Fulfilment of requirements and the permanent search of the effectiveness of the quality management system.

The impact that Fajota´s production may have on the environment is a main concern for the company. This has lead to the adoption of various measures, in the production and distribution processes, decreasing potential environmental damages.

There is also a concern with the promotion of recycling methods. Fajota´s collaborators work together contributing actively for the preservation of the environment.

Therefore Fajota is an environmental friendly company.

Guided by values ​​of Excellence in the service provided to its clients, where the search for effective and efficient solutions is the dominant objective, Fajota is guided under the paradigm of the Team, whose main motor is People.

The fundamental instruments its Human Resources Management are:

- The Recruitment and Selection Policy, using criteria validated by the experimental integration in the workplace and giving priority, whenever possible, to the internal offer of promotion opportunity;

- The Welcoming Policy, coordinating and accompanying the reception and integration of new collaborators;

- The Training Policy, encouraging the development of potential abilities of employees in a continuous, permanent and adjusted to the evolution of the company;

- The Policy of Retribution and Motivation, ensuring the recognition of the effort and merit of each person, through the remuneration assigned and the promotional opportunities that the company offers.

Fajota respects and values the privacy of its customers, employees, partners, suppliers and other holders of personal data with whom it relates, and assumes responsibility and commitment to protect these personal data by all possible means. In this sense, Fajota defined its Privacy Policy that may be consulted here.